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When cars run in your blood, it’s not just enough to make them a hobby—they deserve to be your life’s work. The founders of Essex Auto Sales have been working on cars, selling cars, and racing cars since they were teenagers, just as their fathers and grandfathers did before them. A love of all things auto binds their present business to their past, and now, you’re invited to join the future of the Essex Auto Sales family.

Our mission: to match every customer with the car of their dreams, from luxury brands to a reliable pickup that can tackle the toughest of tasks. But more importantly, our pleasure is sharing our passion with you, for you. We work tirelessly to accommodate any request you may have, and we look forward to the challenge of finding that rare but special vehicle you’ve been searching for. And it all starts with just a friendly conversation when you walk through our doors.


We don’t want to be just another big-name dealership whose tactics are meant to charm and deceive. We treat you how you want to be treated, we explain our prices, and we answer all of your questions with full transparency.


It’s not just cars that run in the family. We pride ourselves on treating every customer with the same degree of respect and courtesy, just as our ancestors did before us.


We’re not here to pressure you into making a deal—we’re here to talk together, explore, and share. Whatever you choose, we’re happy to provide our services one way or another.


Our expertise comes from years under the hood, around the dealership, and over every inch of the auto industry. We won’t steer you wrong with our advice.

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