Whether you’re trading or selling, our team at Essex Auto Sales is driven to make you an offer that’s fair, transparent, and well-defined. To do that, we start with an inspection of the vehicle, followed by a basic mechanical review and test drive. Then we run a CARFAX Vehicle History Report™ using your car’s vehicle identification number to get some more information. All of these factor into our price proposal, but there’s no pressure or obligation to accept our offer. We respect your decision one way or another, and most of all, we aim to give you impeccable customer service all throughout.

As you prepare to trade-in your car, consult our FAQ for some helpful directions:

Yes! Absolutely, and it’s one of the methods we use to get you closer to the car of your dreams. Trade-ins can be processed in few different ways depending on several variables, like how much you still owe on the car and how many miles are on it. But not to fear — your financed car is still worth something. Give us a call or get in touch with us over email for more details.

We conduct our appraisals in roughly 15 minutes. Bring in your car and we’ll appraise your vehicle immediately. Alternatively, feel free to send us a message using the form below and we’ll give you a range based on the information you provide. Please be sure to include your vehicle’s year, make, model, miles, and VIN number.

No charge at all! Whether it’s a car to fit the whole family for vacation or a sleek sports car you’ve been eying, we’ll get you there without fees or hidden charges.

Please be sure to bring your vehicle’s title and/or lienholder payoff information, a valid and up-to-date state-issued photo ID, all keys and remotes, plus current and valid vehicle registration.


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